Swedish massage is intended to increase oxygen in the blood and remove toxins from muscles. This is accomplished by using a variety of techniques that apply pressure to surface muscles with movements that follow the direction of blood flow to the heart. The result is improved circulation, reduced stress, relaxed muscles, greater flexibility and improved overall health and wellness.


Deep tissue massage relies on slow movements and strong pressure on the body. In most cases, the pressure goes across the fibers of the muscle as a more concentrated way to release tension. It works primarily by reducing adhesions (or knots) in the deep muscles that form due to injury, overuse, and bad posture – all of which usually develop over time.


Massage Cupping is a form of therapeutic Asian Bodywork that is used to facilitate deep tissue release and aid  the body in achieving: enhanced flexibility, greater lymphatic/blood circulation, tissue nourishment, & detoxification.  This technique focuses on reducing stagnation & restrictions in problem areas, by breaking down adhesions ("knots"), and increasing circulation.  This method can be done as light or as deep as client prefers



Tuesday 10am - 8pm

Wednesday 10am - 8pm

Thursday 2pm - 8pm

Friday 10am - 6pm

60 minutes_______________$90

75 minutes_______________$110

90 minutes_______________$130

120 minutes______________$170


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